The NicheHero Leadership Journey: Highlights from the Final Day!

5 days have passed and it seems like I’ve known my companions far longer than that, it seems that they know me better than some people I have spent my time with in the past but most importantly it seems like we’ve all been on a journey that is immensely powerful in helping us achieve more in life inshaAllah. I feel quite sad to write about the final day because no amount of words can really convey the lessons of wisdom I gained over this past week, the awesome friends I found and the desire to do even more in life been sparked.

Today we spent the vast majority of the morning discussion on All Star Management which is an interesting concept for me as I’ve always loved to work in teams, the techniques and tips taught in these sessions pushed me to think beyond conventional bounds about taking anyone who offers to come on board a project; I realised that therefore the best organisations are build on all star players and I haven’t always been one myself yet I am striving. Therefore it is essential to demonstrate A* qualities myself such as being able to execute and deliver as well as being able to think creatively. Some of the lessons have really made me think about how I am going to apply such principles of seeking excellence in all that I do in every sphere of my life, from my family whom I love very much, to my work and career as well as passionate pursuits in life. I know that the reason why I choose only to have and do the best is because as Shaykh Muhammad said: ‘It is not befitting of the Muslim to have low standards’ yesterday. And I for one do not wish to have low standards iA.

As we got halfway through the day many of us were wondering how we would let go of such an experience, as we’d become so accustomed to arriving in the morning with peak energy and immersing ourselves in the sessions til late in the evening. It was a thought we’d prefer to push away! Nonetheless, many of us could feel our emotions catching up with us as we reflected on the journey we had, it simply had been a wow experience and a journey that was personally, spiritually and socially unique and phenomenal. We all knew that Allah had brought us here for a purpose and therefore it was nearly time for us to fly back and leave the nest of comfort (whether that was in work, home or personal life).

After my favourite time of the day, post Maghrib when the sun had set, we gathered round for tea and some NicheHero cake! We all went around speaking of our experiences and wow moments in the week, some of us were so emotionally overwhelmed it was difficult to get any words out to describe our precious times together, whilst others of us just cried out of feeling of gratitude and also sadness for Allah has brought us together amongst a fantastic teacher and inspiring Muslims. I won’t ever forget this evening, because of how honestly and truthfully everyone spoke from their hearts as they shared their journey through NicheHero, we were moved and knew that although the journey had come to an end, it was really the start of our own pursuits towards becoming leaders in our communities inshaAllah.

I want to part on this note of how my journey has taught me so much, and that if it hadn’t been for the ample opportunities Allah put on my doorstep I wouldn’t have learnt or gained as I have over the past couple of years. I’ve laughed, smiled and cried a huge deal this week. I want to make a special mention here to my NicheHero fellows, my family who patiently let me take this journey, my friends and colleagues who even though you missed out I pray to benefit you with what I have gained in some shape or form, and last but by no means least – my dear teacher Shaykh Muhammad for sharing invaluable life lessons that we ask Allah to make a means of your entry to Paradise.

Now it is time to leave the nest where the birds find comfort and to stop peering over the edge, it is time to leave and go fly, whether I fall or fly is up to me and ultimately Allah’s Help. As one of my fellow NicheHerosters said:

I will be the extraordinary Muslim that I was meant to be inshaAllah..


The NicheHero Leadership Journey: Highlights from Day 5

“O Allah, in thankfulness I give of my time, wealth and sacrifice..”

As we continued along the journey of leadership, it suddenly dawned on some of us that this phenomenal week was coming to an close end. The feeling of energy, enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge sharing on this path towards pursuing our dreams has most definitely meant most of us have detached ourselves from the outside world in the past week (admittedly quite a liberating feeling!) It was almost like today was when we reached the climax of our journey when we listened to the powerful Friday sermon by Shaykh Muhammad – an special reminder I doubt any of us will ever forget. During this sermon we were given insight into how there are turning points in life which we must use as lessons, and the fact that most people use pain as a moment to change isn’t always a good thing. Rather we should be of those people who act and do good out of thankfulness to Allah so we live a life where we are constantly in an attitude of gratitude.

This motivational and heart-wrenching reminder can only be described as one which revealed the beautiful lessons from our heritage in Islam where success has only been the outcome of those who want to be in the highest gathering of Paradise and don’t we all desire to be amongst them with the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)? What was immensely powerful was the narrative of how our life is like a plane which is only held up by Allah, He is the One who directs it and will Help us land safely even when we go through testing times. Perhaps this is the most profound lesson I took today, that I will always live a life of gratitude instead of ingratitude to Allah by giving of my time, money and efforts.

Following the emotionally overwhelming khutbah, it was time for some FUN – Shaykh Muhammad style! We jumped into the taxi and were whisked off to his favourite restaurant (one of my fave places too!) where it was the late lunch after party. Being in the seminars over the past couple of days we’ve had little time to sit down and socialise yet it felt like many of us knew each other for a long time, this was the life long bonding of sisters and brothers with a vision to do something great for this Ummah iA. Eating almost everything that there could have been on the menu (!) we ended this lovely Friday by going back for a power session to end day 5.

But the day wasn’t over yet! In the spirit of sisterhood, the NicheHerosters decided we’d go for a night-time tour across Westminster Bridge Pier which was beautiful. Getting the breath of fresh air and walking across the still rivers whilst golden lights shone only added to the week of awesome moments already. As we grabbed a coffee and bite to eat alongside the pier it was amazing to see how diverse we all were yet how it only took the space of a few days to make us stick together, joining to work towards a vision bigger and better than ourselves. As we walked back I recall thinking that at that moment in time I couldn’t have had more beautiful a companionship on that night – this was a Friday I won’t forget so easily in my life..

The NicheHero Leadership Journey: Highlights from Day 4

‘Fear of failure is a gigantic human motivator’ ~Shaykh Muhammad Al-Shareef

One of the most important issues I come across often when I speak to sisters in workshops is their lack of motivation in some areas of their life to succeed, and none of us are free from this obstacle. Today we immersed ourselves in the knowledge of the beautiful Islamic history, stories which have been interwoven into the sessions so aptly that we could see how the Muslim Ummah was one of huge success in the past. It rang very true when Shaykh Muhammad said: “fear of failure is a gigantic human motivator” as for many of us it is. However I pondered this and thought wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could instead embrace our mistakes and turn them into positive motivators for success every time?

Yesterday I felt the deep urge to think ahead about my life and what I want people to remember me for, and it was becoming more and more clear to me that there is a huge need to increase and boost the esteem of our sisters in order to attain the success which we find in our fascinating civilisation within Islam. I recalled hearing a sister say to me earlier this year that ‘you do not know who is waiting to benefit from you have to offer’ which really pulled a chord in my heart, and therefore I quietly resolved in my heart that even if I can benefit one person then my project is worth executing inshaAllah.

For many, the barrier to executing starts with the first dragon: PROCRASTINATION! Now none of us are immune from this beast as Sh Muhammad calls it and although I’ve learned a great deal in my time at in this area, it seems none of us are safe from it! Understanding the causes behind it has most definitely helped me and perhaps the most vital lesson about this beast I can share is that the remedy is ‘to do what you love will kill procrastination’.

For my fellow NicheHeroes, there is nothing that can match the moments of narration from our teacher which in and of themselves motivated us to pursue our goals for NicheHero. As I sat amongst these ‘stars’ who were my dear brothers and sisters I could feel the synergy amongst us all, the sharing of resources, the desire to assist each other to good and most imporantly – our coming together to pursue knowledge that we hope inshaAllah will take us to Jannah. This alongside the learning lessons from visual milestone drawings to peer learning has given me a new set of lenses through which to understand media, marketing, people and even the world; it has been an unforgettable experience because of the tools and techniques I’ve gained combined with the presence of individuals who are rare to find in our world today..

The NicheHero Leadership Journey: Highlights from Day 3

We’re halfway through this journey and time seems to be passing by with all the FUN we’ve been having! One of the key ingredients to a successful project which we were taught during NicheHero was that we should work on a idea we love and can have fun with – now where else can you get this kind of advice from? The three ingredients to successful projects include Benefit + Profit + Fun = WOW Idea.

I’d never really thought about the profit side of things, as much of the past work I’ve done has been with the aim of benefitting others however it was simply true when our teacher reminded us that we should not become slaves of money but rather we should make money our slave so getting our financial affairs into order is critical. In today’s sessions I also found myself becoming more aware of the need to know exactly why I want to do this project and how it would benefit others which meant it was invaluable for me to get feedback from Shaykh Muhammad regarding my project as well as another perspective when I sent my idea through to the current CEO of Al Maghrib. What I admired about my teacher was the self-assured approach to teaching us and his honest feedback, something much needed in the early stages of any project.

Perhaps one of the most vital lessons I took away today was that of how to deal with criticism, although I have a tendency to be receptive to criticism I know it can be hard to handle the emotions when you’re faced by the critic! We were forewarned that as we embark on this journey we will face our biggest critics which is something to embrace, however one should not let the ‘critic become their CEO’ of their company. There’s a beautiful art of accepting and dealing with criticism I found as many stories were related on how to respond effectively to the critic, or in some cases to just disregard the critic who hasn’t much to say for themselves when they come pointing the finger at you! Learning about the 7 Hammers that Smashed the Criticism Idols also reminded us all of the difficult journey that our pious predecessors had to face, enduring the critics of those who did not want to believe or accept the Prophet’s call. I found that we’ve almost lost that immensely useful skill of being able to face our worst enemy with the most merciful and kind words just as the Prophet and his Companions did at a time when the message of Islam was spreading.

Striving in the face of all challenges and seeking success over a long period of time has also been a running theme in these last couple of days of NicheHero and throughout Islamic history, no one ever climbed to the top of the mountain in one day and success has no shortcuts as much as we’d like to believe. So next time we face our critics, we should thank them for their words may be the guide towards improving our project and our self but most importantly their criticism could be championed into our own work. One last notable reflection from today was how the delivery of NicheHero isn’t designed to overwhelm you, rather it is aimed to prepare you to take action every step of the way.

As we continue along this journey I truly feel that Allah had made this week so easy to learn in and that maginificient efforts and action must be taken before we can even get any critics..

The NicheHero Leadership Journey: Highlights from Day 2

There is a excellent quote by Benjamin Franklin who asked:

“Do you value life? Then waste not time, for that is
the stuff of which life is made.”

It reflects why I chose to come to NicheHero, because I truly want to make my life something which was of value to others. Starting our second day at NicheHero was giving me a growing sense of confidence in self-leadership, something I feel few have mastered and sadly could be the cause of many regretful lives. As I’ve been journalling these last couple of days for NicheHero, I realise that every moment of life must be cherished in order to live a life of appreciation and thankfulness to Allah who presents us with ample opportunities to do good.

Chapter 1 of the course focussed on developing our WOW idea which was fascinating as marketing and creativity have been one of the strongest areas of non-Muslim markets and we are still ‘catching up’. Today we looked at the Phases we go through at every stage of planning and executing a project, using myself as a case study Shaykh Muhammad compared my ‘phases’ with that of another team member, seeing it drawn up on the board was a powerful revelation of how my natural inclinations to get on with it and run with a project can be both a strength and a pitfall at times. It helped me identify where I usually discover good ideas (the late night hours, when travelling, reading etc) and how I can stretch my ideas to become WOW. When he was comparing me to others, I realised that procrastination is the beast which kills all projects with potential. And when I heard others speak about their own procrastination I made a firm resolve in my heart that procrastination is the loss of a loser who doesn’t want to win.

Another lesson I took away today was the need to look at the ‘bigger picture’ when moving forward with our project ideas, often we get bogged down by the nitty gritty (particularly me!) however I do recognise the importance of seeing the bigger picture but also knowing the SPECIFICS of action to be taken to get there. For those who couldn’t be at NicheHero, I have to admit that there is nothing which can relive and convey the powerful stories Shaykh Muhammad shared with us over the course of these days which only reinforced admirable leadership qualities. It was clear that we must be prepared to strive, persist, change and reform every day in order to succeed – not only for ourselves but also for the Ummah at large.

The concept of drawing up our Avatar (the replica of our target audience) really helped me to get into the shoes of those who I want to help, as the days go by I am gaining clarity on what niche area I want to be a leader in and it seems more and more that my heart is calling me to become the one who is exemplary of self-esteem and confidence so the torch can be passed onto other sisters out there through my project. Most of us found deep challenges in this exercise as we had some vague idea of what our target audience wants though we underestimate very much the need for market research so I’ll be looking to explore this area much further over the next couple of weeks iA.

Just before I went home today, myself and the NicheHerosters (sisters who are stars in my eyes) decided we’d have a rountable discussion of our ideas and projects; so here we all were in this pizza place on a late (ironically Valentines Day night) and that’s when the seeds of our love for each other for the Sake of Allah were planted – whilst we shared our beliefs and goals it was evident that the passion was there and we all desired to help each other which was so beautiful, we were just so humbled to be in each others’ company but more importantly to help each other put the jigsaw pieces together as we got honest feedback. I remember feeling so glad that I could share my idea and no one turning around to say ‘that’s not so wow’ yet the positive feedback only made me more determined.

Listening to the sisters about their aims and goals was also uplifting and gave me hope that there are in this Ummah individuals who desire to make a real change in themselves and others. As I reluctantly left that evening, I left with a feeling of contentment and a message I read on my way home echoed exactly what I had experienced only a few minutes earlier:

“In life, you will realise that there is a purpose for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will teach you. But most important are the ones tha bring out the best in you. Those are the ones worth keeping around..”

The NicheHero Leadership Journey: Highlights from Day 1 (Part 2)

Describing the experience of our NicheHero Journey as similar to that of racing a super fast car is not far from the truth! Today we had an immensely insightful lessons of learning that truly changed the way I’ve ever seen marketing or advertising in the past, some of the essential truths which came out of today was that unless the leader gets into the drivers seat – the project is going no where, or if it is, it’s headed for a CRASH!

One of the first principles of any goal or aim we set in life is to clarify what the goal exactly – usually 3 things motivate people money, passion and people. There are a range of other personal motivators however these seem to be broadly the reasons why businesses, brand and many companies are opening every single day. As we explored our own goals, we indentified that passion has to play a central role in our projects as well as profit, fun and benefit – the 3 mutually exclusive areas to form an excellent idea.

Understanding our soft spots as leaders was also an interesting lesson to learn, as we went through the exercise I recognised that a leader can not simply be a doer or a delegator or just a thinker, he or she has to switch between the roles as required depending on the circumstances and contexts. As Sh Muhammad asked me to consider my passion on various levels of project planning and used me as a case study I felt a real sense of self-discovery since I didn’t realise how programmed I have become to pre-planning yet execution is an area of greater focus now that I’ve learnt this could be a pitfall of my project.

The bigger picture and recognising there are various modes of thinking that we can use to connect with the audience we are aiming for in our projects was also helpful in seeing the way in which an project idea can develop and expand. One of the most vital lessons I’ve taken today is that an idea is ever evolving and therefore we must ask the right questions in order to arrive at the best answer we can find. Also visual communication is the only way forward it seems thereore greater focus has to be placed on this mode of communication in all our work. Amongst the wisdom lessons behind Sh Muhammad’s personal experiences of failure or rather unsuccessful attempts it seems that we have to conquer the fear of failure before it becomes a dragon we can’t handle and put away leading to inaction. Now that would be tragic for the NicheHeroer..

Thinking back to day 1, I have also come to truly appreciate that awesome ideas for projects aren’t born out of wishful thinking but rather something actually tiggers it inherently in us, for myself personally it’s the early or late hours of the day as well as travelling or meeting new people. Some fascinating ideas came about on how to merge together concepts from other industries to give your idea that ‘wow’ factor.

Well, the end of day 1 has come too quickly! Follow here for more highlights as the week goes by!

The NicheHero Leadership Journey: Highlights from Day 1

That feeling of anticipation, nervousness, excitement and adventure were a part of the mixture of emotions I am sure many of my fellow NicheHeroers shared as we embarked on a journey of leadership yesterday: NicheHero had hit the London city! I suppose for myself the journey started earlier this year as I grappled with the idea of developing my own project and it has been a wonderful experience to join NicheHero with a fresh mind open to new ideas and creativity. As we started day 1, it was evident that the group dynamics was one made up of an array of talent and skills, from our young brothers to our peers from across the world. This is what makes a leadership journey so enriching, the awesome people you discover along the path.

Today was a real insight into what the next few days would entail and as I sat in the hotel I felt quite special that Allah had chosen us to be amongst the people who will learn knowledge to be applied hopefully to our own communities to make a difference. As we broke the ice in the room (with the eruption of laughter often keeping us entertained!) I found it interesting how rare an opportunity it is to bring together people so like-minded, who share similar visions and dreams in one place at one time. Even as I listened to everyone share their motivations behind attending a week out of sincere committment and dedication, I realised that this would be an fascinating team to share my journey with over the next couple of months.

What ‘wowed’ me from the start was the effectively learning techniques involved in NicheHero sessions, the combination of visual, auditory and experiential learning have most definitely made the experience one which is invaluable as we learnt. There are few courses which have mastered the art of appealing to all of these senses and therefore I found it intriguing but no less than what I expected from our teacher! Some of the most fascinating concepts I have come to learn were easily communicated and one of the many techniques I have admired is that of incorporating life experience as the best teacher of all which were living proof of challenges and mistakes being a part of the leadership journey…

In the next post I’ll be sharing the ultimate highlights from my moments during NicheHero Leadership – to follow the latest updates visit the Facebook page here and share with your friends as I go through this intriguing journey..

Join Me On The Leadership Journey: NicheHero 2012

It’s only a few hours away from the start of NicheHero Leadership 2012, it’s about to hit the London city (!) and it’s an opportunity I have been gifted with and truly feel that I am amongst of the most luckiest people on earth.

For much of my life I’ve been the initiator, the self-motivated one and perhaps more self-directed as the years went by alhamdulillah as I watched many leaders in the Muslim community offer their services as a solution to the Ummah. These experiences and lessons of watching leaders be moulded into who they are today has really fuelled my desire to undertake the NicheHero journey; not only will I be taught by our dear Shaykh Muhammad Al Shareef, someone from whom a wealth of experiences and wisdom can be learnt from but I’ll also be surrounded by dedicated and energetic leaders who desire to take action for bettering themselves and their society at large.

Yesterday I felt a real sense of buzz and excitement as I shared with my NicheHeroers the ultimate motivation with which I am going to NicheHero, and I felt truly special to have been chosen amongst the brothers and sisters some of whom are travelling from various parts of the world including China, Saudi, Austrailia to come and obtain this knowledge! I know in my heart that I’ve been gifted to have learnt so much over the years, and it would be from the blessings of Allah if I could use these talents and skills to benefit the Ummah through my NicheHero project.

We will all have a life story which will be told some day as I was reminded earlier this week, and I reflect on the short journey which has been my life so far and I know there are some very special figures in my life who have helped me to take a leap of faith – may Allah reward them eternally for it. It is my sincerest hope and desire that those inspiring people I am surrounded by will be a support network for me to take my ideas to action as I embark on the NicheHero Leadership Journey. View the jam-packed course outline here to get a taste of what we’ll be going through!

To follow my latest updates on what I’ll be learning and sharing keep checking this page and follow us on Facebook at Break the CODE  

Lessons of Inner Beauty for Muslim Women

One of the most vital areas of building self-confidence is in acknowleding one’s own character traits and areas of progression as I have learnt over the past couple of years. It is no doubt a challenge to find these qualities when we are constantly being challenged to be like others, particularly for young girls today who are exposed to numerous celebrity figures who don’t perhaps always reflect inner beauty rather than outer glam. Without knowing what makes you an unique individual, it’s hard to find the courage to be confident in yourself. I’ve known many sisters who simply don’t belief they have anything good in themselves! I find that hard to believe. Even if we are not born with certain desirable character traits, we certainly can learn to develop them over time through learning, practice and being disciplined.

Taking the beautiful characteristics of the wives of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with them all) we can learn that inner beauty is the traits and qualities which mark the Muslim woman as beautiful in her inner existence rather than merely for her outer appearance. In reading and learning from their lives I’ve come to admire some of these qualities though numerous can be mentioned, I chose these specifically because of the profound examples we find in our history.

Here are 10 lessons of inner beauty which we can all apply in our lives:

1. Excel in learning: Aisha (ra)

We have the most beautiful example in the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) youngest wife, who excelled in maturity, knowledge and surpassed numerous scholars in her knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence. This committment to learning such that we become experts in our fields is most definitely an outstanding quality we can take from Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her).

2. Support noble causes: Saudah (ra)

Amongst the wives of the Prophet, none was known to be more charitable and have a generous hand than Saudah (may Allah be pleased with her) – such that her generosity led to competition amongst the women! This quality of supporting noble causes is a increasingly rare trait we find amongst our society and thus an inner beauty that we can all learn from.

3. Never give up: Asiya (ra)

Those who are familiar with the story of the Pharoah and his oppression of his people but more significantly of his wife can only come to admire the sheer resilience of this remarkable woman amongst our civilisation (may Allah be pleased with her). Despite being married to the ruler, her faith remained unshaken and her attitude of never giving up in faith is truly an admirable quality that surpasses any external beauty which will fade.

4. Have faith: Musa (as) Mother

Similarly, Musa’ (as) mother displayed the courage of a woman who would place her sole faith in her Creator when she sent baby Musa (as) in the basket – into the Hands of God who brought him back to her in the end. What an amazing characteristic of being sure and certain in God’s fate she had that we can attempt to adopt in all our affairs.

5. Hope for the best outcome: Hajar (ra)

Only today I was reminded of the importance of expecting and hoping for the best outcome, I suppose women are more emotional in many regards and future oriented according to psychological studies and therefore we worry non-stop! Yet Hajar (ra) – the wife of Ibrahim (as) was a fine example of the immense need in our lives to hope from our Creator and expect only the best from Him.

I hope you enjoyed these lessons of inner beauty taken from the best of women in Islam, what other lessons can you share about finding our inner beauty?

The Story Behind Self-Confidence

Friends and family of mine have claimed that I’ve always carried myself with an air of confidence with whatever I have pursued over the past few years, yet as I ponder over the more younger years of school I realise that self-confidence wasn’t something I was born with, rather it is a quality and trait I have had to develop throughout various stages of my life. It is ironic to think that 10 years ago I was like many young girls at school, starting to become self-conscious and trying to find myself. The challenges of being my own person were clearly evident as I seemed to be living in the shadow of friends who wanted to look good most of the time and I felt under pressure to simply surrender to the latest popularity contest. This inherent focus on self-image as well as having my own self worth was a struggle in the initial first years of being at school, most significantly because most young girls at that age are consuming the hidden messages behind the latest media manipulation of how women and girls should look. I didn’t feel self-confident, which can be described here as the assurance one feels in their beliefs and in choosing to do the right action according to their values. Naturally, I felt undermined and not due to the societal pressures around me but rather because I hadn’t yet realised what I was about to when I became 15.

C is for Compassion

Embracing Islam gave me the opportunity to break free from this environment of ‘looks are all that matter’ and truly liberated me from a rather suffocating atmosphere where girls were often trying to be someone that they weren’t really and truly inside. As I began my path to knowledge, my self confidence began to grow and I was no longer chained by the opinions and thought of others, breaking free from the expectations of others on my self and their perception helped me to take the first step in breaking what I call the CODE to confidence – C therefore stands for being Compassionate to Yourself. All that time I have been looking at others personalities and traits whilst failing to focus on my own strengths and talents which suppressed my own confidence as well as my self esteem and morale. The more I let go of trying to be like others, the more I found the beauty in being compassionate to my self foremost which then radiated an inner beauty that was my own.

O stands for Open to Growth

As I grew into a young woman and began to leave school, the opportunities to stand as a confident person were offered to me by the Grace of Allah in many ways; from being able to speak in public events such as at the House of Commons to a global platform in the UAE, I appreciated that O in the CODE to breaking through to confidence stood for being Open to Growth. This lesson in developing self-confidence is perhaps the most important, because when we acknowledge that we do need to be confident in our beliefs, values and how we look, we can deal with the challenges we face in our own self-discovery. Far too many young girls feel ‘comfortable’ in their own bubble which hinders self progress and development as individuals, therefore seeking opportunities to get feedback and working in a supportive environment is hugely important in the process of developing self-confidence and self-esteem.

D is the Determination to Succeed

Sisters feel that their lack of willpower and motivation is the biggest barrier to being confident individuals in whatever field or role they choose, particularly the sisters I have worked with and interacted with in workshops have highlighted this issue. I often ask these sisters, whether they have clarified their motive behind the action they are going to undertake and with what passion they are intending to pursue it. As obvious as it may seem, most women don’t ask themselves this question and hence don’t have a real foundation for being motivated in the first place! Once this clarity takes place, it is much easier to be determined to succeed in achieving a goal one has set themselves inshaAllah. D is therefore the driving principle of success in self development which has to be your own Determination to Succeed, the third coded principle.

Ending with Evaluate Your Progress

Lastly, the issue of self-confidence is really a personal one which I appreciate will be different for each of us – however I do believe given my own life experiences and journey through the process of developing myself, we are all capable of developing self confidence and increasing our self-esteem in order to be productive in this life and the Hereafter. Despite challenges we face in the contemporary West which I will be uncovering and tackling through my NicheHero project , it is important for every sister who wishes to embark of a journey of bettering their self confidence to be prepared to Evaluate Your Progress as this is inherently going to help you to be more confident in yourself and focus on areas to improve. E therefore is for the most critical part of any project we undertake and action we pursue, to Evaluate Your Progress.

As we go through this journey, I’d really like to invite you to join me in this personal pursuit to help sisters become confident young individuals who are not afraid to be who they are and even love who they become as a result of YOUniqueSisters services.